BAROQUE has manufacturing operations complying with highest quality standards in India in the states of Gujarat & Uttarakhand to provide best quality products to the Indian and the Global market in the following categories :

  • General Tablets
  • General capsules
  • General Dry Syrups
  • Liquid Orals
  • Beta-Lactam tablets
  • Beta-Lactam Capsules
  • Beta-Lactam Dry Syrup

The manufacturing facilities are built as per the current GMP standards and are WHO GMP Certified. The facility has been inspected and approved by reputed international agencies like NAFDAC Nigeria, PPB Kenya, NDA Uganda, PMPB Malawi, MOH Belarus.

Separate & dedicated facility has been provided for manufacturing of beta-lactam products.

The State of the art manufacturing facilities are well equipped with the latest equipments, instruments and advanced technology with optimum manufacturing capacities and supported by a well managed supply chain.

Highly qualified technical team is in place to take care of manufacturing operations, quality functions, engineering functions and the distribution network management.


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