Our Founder

A Pharmacist by profession and a resolute by character, Our Patriarch Mr J D Patel was a man with a mission when he started this company. It was the 1990s, the period which marks an epoch of Liberalization, Regulatory & technical reforms for the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. Mr J D Patel envisioned this era of transformation as an opportunity to institute a successful enterprise that would remain strongly focused on quality, compliance as well as affordability and would also create jobs in his native place, then a part of Rural Gujarat.

In his own words –

A degree in my hand, a dream in my eyes to create a company which adds value to healthcare and a desire in my heart to create opportunities for those who are my own was all I had when I embarked on this journey 25 years ago. The times were changing. Benefits and incentives were in place to spur the much necessary growth of the Pharma industry that promised a sea of opportunities for a start up. But the limitation of financial, human and technological resources made the task onerous, especially doing this at the place where we did it,. But having pledged to this responsibility I continued with my efforts over the years. Slowly a team was falling in place, people who believed in my dream and were ready to sweat for it. We kept learning, we kept evolving; we kept emerging out of all difficulties. Many a milestones have been achieved since then. But the dream is bigger than what’s been attained. The company is still young and still growing in terms of products, therapeutics segments, technological platforms, and the markets where we operate. The purpose still remains the same but the out reach will be bigger in the times to come.

With a humble beginning decades ago, our saga still continues to grow under the vision of strong leader whose passion and spirit of perseverance has percolated and imbibed into the entire Team Baroque.