Human investment is the lifeline of Baroque’s further goals and the Company values its people the most.

We at Baroque strongly believe that, the growth of an organization can be sustained through the continuous development of its people, who contribute to the business success. Hence, we focus our attention to harness the innate potential each individual brings to the organization.

It is our continuous endeavor to enhance the selection process for recruitment at every stage in alignment with the Organizational Goals. Having a well cultured and transparent working environment, each Baroqueian has the unique privilege of sharing their views and suggestions to the Top Management to further strengthen our mission.

We strongly believe in ‘Creating Leaders from Within’ and under its mentoring and coaching initiative i.e. Guiding, Empowering, Mentoring, Supporting – a group of employees are selected based on predefined criteria and these Individuals are encouraged to grow and maximize their potential, improve their skills through mentoring, classroom training, various in-bound / out-bound training programs and other activities.

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At Baroque, we believe in creating and maintaining a healthy, stress free work environment through various organizational initiatives like an Internal training program on various soft skill modules to promote learning within the organization. An initiative, to bring together employees from various departments for cross functional, knowledge sharing, team building and sharing their individual expertise gained in their respective functional areas is another initiative at Baroque.

Engagement Activities for employees are conducted at various locations likes Annual Day Celebration, Diwali Celebrations, Sports, Medical Checkup Camp, Swachhta Abhiyan, Birthday Celebration etc., are conducted in order to strengthen our culture and shared values.

The company as a whole represents a synergy of active talent at work in generating remarkable performance with a single-minded commitment to produce extraordinary results and achieve the highest standards of quality in all spheres.